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Anne Summer: An Inspirational Woman

Anne Summer: An Inspirational Woman by Hannah Howe

Below is a photograph of Anne Summer taken from her autobiography, ‘But I Couldn’t Do That!’ Anne was a private detective in the 1960s and she is one of the real- life inspirations behind my fictional detective, Sam Smith.

A convent-educated girl (an education she loathed) Anne married a London lawyer, only to separate in 1964. She was twenty-seven at the time and the pressures of the separation, along with her husband gaining custody of her son, led to serious physical and emotional health problems for Anne. She sought professional help and embarked upon the road to recovery.

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by May Panayi

When we think about bullying- we maybe first think about physical violence. This is often boys bullying boys- like in Tom Brown’s Schooldays, Lord of the Flies or Scum. More often nowadays we include the alternate ways that girls tend to bully. This bullying is often more emotional. It comes to light more and more often, as cyber bullying, name calling, criticising and picking on the victim- often online on social media, but also in person. Frequently, and very sadly, these days we see reports of teenagers driven to grim suicide and attempted suicide; or having their lives thrown into turmoil in other ways- such as developing anorexia or bulimia, or other forms of self harm.

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