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Extra Easter Egg, Anyone?

by L L Thomsen

How many Easter Eggs do you usually get? One? None? Three? More?

I bet you, no matter what the number, there would always be room for one more. Am I right?

Well, if so, this year, your Easter wishes to receive more delicious chocolate might just come true, thanks to this dear old Danish tradition that I’m going to tell you all about. And the best thing? Well, the best thing is that this is lots of fun for both children and adults!

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Coloring Easter Eggs


During my childhood, my grandmother colored eggs for Easter with dye made from natural products like onion skins and walnut tree leaves. Today, many people use commercial dyes, but in some villages in Bulgaria people still use natural colors and beeswax candles to decorate Easter eggs. The following describes how to decorate using the traditional methods. As you cook, save several of the dry, outer layers from onions. This may take a while depending on how often you use onions.

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