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Bushcraft and Wild Camping

Bushcraft and Wild Camping

by Sylva Fae, Alexander Da Rocha and Naomi Tayler

When I’m not writing stories, I love to wander around our little woodland. Being under the trees, feeling the breeze on my skin and watching the changing of the seasons, is simultaneously relaxing and invigorating. It is also the place I find most of my story inspiration. I’ve always enjoyed camping but I can’t quite call myself a wild camper. I’m more of a wild glamper! With three small children, it’s not really practical to just set off with a backpack and hammock. We need to plan and pack, we need room for favourite teddies, and if truth be told, I like the comfort of my own pillow. So, while we get out into the wild, we also take along a big tepee tent.

For the last few years, we’ve dabbled in learning bushcraft skills. I’m proud all my girls can light a campfire with just a ferro rod and striker – no matches for us – and I won’t mention that it took me over an hour to master it. We love preparing meals on the fire, and foraging for wild edibles.

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