Sylva Fae

Rainbow Monsters series

Rainbow Monsters: Meet The Rainbow Monsters by Sylva Fae  Mindful Monsters by Sylva Fae

Rainbow Monsters: Meet The Rainbow Monsters (book 1) – Children’s, Picture Book

“This book is a perfect way to introduce and reinforce color concepts to young children, and older children will love meeting the monster squad and following them through their day.”

Mindful Monsters (book 2) – Children’s, Picture Book

“Delightful, colourful and beautifully illustrate, this is a great book to read to your little ones.”

Standalone Children’s Books

Yoga Fox by Sylva Fae  Children’s Christmas Collection by Sylva Fae  Bea & Bee by Sylva Fae

Yoga Fox – Children’s, Picture Book

“The illustrations are gorgeous. From the rich autumnal tones of the leaves to the eloquence of the expressions on the animals’ faces, ‘Yoga Fox’ is a visual delight.”

Children’s Christmas Collection – Children’s, Picture Book, Anthology (with other authors)

“Truly brings the magic of Christmas when reading this.”

Bea & Bee – Children’s, Picture Book

“My son enjoyed the story about the bee.”