Rachael Wright

Women’s Fiction Standalone Novels

The Clouds Aren’t White by Rachael Wright  Lives Paris Took by Rachael Wright

The Clouds Aren’t White – Women’s Fiction

“A wonderful, thought-provoking book really shows the grit in women as well as the tender side.”

Lives Paris Took – Women’s Fiction, International

“This is a perfect period romantic novel for any reader that likes to soak in the ambiance of their surroundings and be transported through words that visually direct your vision.”

Captain Savva Mystery series

Mrs. Fitzroy: A Captain Savva Mystery by Rachael Wright  A Solitary Reaper by Rachael Wright

Mrs. Fitzroy: A Captain Savva Mystery (book 1) – Mystery, International

“Wright is a wordsmith, painting pictures and immersing the reader into an emotionally wrenching story.”

A Solitary Reaper (book 2) – Mystery, International

“Secrets, lies, and pain lie under the beautiful and serene mask of the isle of Lesvos, Greece.”