Melanie P. Smith

Standalone Novels

Hidden Lakes by Hidden Lakes

Hidden Lakes – Romance, Western

“1st book in a long time that made me want to go to the end to make sure things would happen! Truly in awe.”

Crime Blog series

Paige Carter: Deputy Sheriff 1 by Melanie P Smith  Paige Carter: Deputy Sheriff 2 by Melanie P Smith  Paige Carter season 3 by Melanie Smith

Paige Carter: Deputy Sheriff (season 1) – Mystery, Police Procedural

“I read before bed each night….I didn’t want to put the book down.”

Paige Carter: Deputy Sheriff (season 2) – Mystery, Police Procedural

“I love reading about Paige Carter, she is tough, but has a soft side also.”

Paige Carter: Deputy Sheriff (season 3) – Mystery, Police Procedural

“A unique blend of criminal suspense, police procedure and human interaction.”

Thin Blue Line series

Mount Haven by Melanie P Smith  Moondance Ridge by Melanie P Smith  Subterfuge by Melanie P Smith

Mount Haven (book 1) – Suspense, Criminal, Romance

“I love this book. A lot of action and a little romance.”

Moondance Ridge (book 2) – Suspense, Criminal, Romance

“Suspense, action, drama.”

Subterfuge (book 3) – Suspense, Criminal, Romance

“It is fast-paced, but with a ready, accessible style that makes it easy to get your teeth into.”

Warrior series

Dusk by Melanie P Smith  After Dark by Melanie P Smith  Serendipity: Anthology by Melanie P Smith  Dawn by Melanie P Smith  Shadows by Melanie P Smith  Intrepid Anthology by Melanie P Smith  Chaos by Melanie P Smith  Exposed by Melanie P Smith  Progeny by Melanie P Smith

Dusk (book 1) – Paranormal, Romance

“This book is entertaining and an easy read. Suspenseful, yet a romantic thrilling story.”

After Dark (book 2) – Paranormal, Romance

“I love the mix of vampires, shifters and fae.”

Serendipity: Anthology (book 2.5) –Paranormal, Romance, Anthology, Short Story

“Can a love between a human and immortal survive?”

Dawn (book 3) – Paranormal, Romance

“This series is really kick-butt and I love the action!”

Shadows (book 4) – Paranormal, Romance

“Well, you did it again! I love this book too.”

Intrepid Anthology (book 4.5) – Paranormal, Romance, Anthology, Short Story

“Fantastic series of books with more to come.”

Chaos (book 5) – Paranormal, Romance

“Fantastic Book!!!!! … Can’t wait for the next book in the series.”

Exposed (book 6) – Paranormal, Romance

“The war rages on…..”

Progeny (book 7) – Paranormal, Romance

“The exciting conclusion.”