Mansel Jones

Historical and Historical Fiction

A History of Kenfig by Mansel Jones  Tangwstyl: A Medieval Mystery by Mansel Jones  Pendragon by Mansel Jones

A History of Kenfig – Nonfiction, History

“Well written & full of obscure facts about the local history.”

Tangwstyl: A Medieval Mystery – Historical Fiction, Medieval

“Woven together like one of the tapestries of time. Great book!”

Pendragon – Historical Fiction, Medieval

“A new twist on the story of King Arthur… If you are a history buff you will want to read this book!”

Max Gwyther Mystery series

Blind Justice by Mansel Jones  Making Movies by Mansel Jones

Blind Justice (book 1) – Mystery

“Hugely enjoyable – so much so I didn’t want it to end!”

Making Movies (book 2) – Mystery

“The Max Gwyther Mystery Series explores a selection of Max’s cases from the 1970s through to the millennium.”