Stream Three

Goylake Publishing is named after a stream. Our enterprise is built around sales, business and author partnership streams. Therefore, our blog posts are numbered streams 🙂 We hope you enjoy them.


We are excited to announce that Gardners, the leading British wholesaler of books, eBooks, music and film have approached us expressing a keen interest in our books and a wish to distribute them to their vast network of retailers around the world. This is a major step forward and a significant boost for Goylake Publishing.


We are delighted to announce our business partnership with Bendideia Publishing. Bendideia publish fiction and non-fiction based on Bulgarian culture, myths and folklore. This is a natural meeting point for us because we have published books on similar subjects with more to follow. We are certain that this partnership will benefit both Goylake and Bendideia, and we are excited about our prospects as we move forward. Meanwhile, please check out Bendideia’s Mystical Emona website and discover some great books including Dragon Village, a must read for all lovers of Harry Potter


This is a great honour. The Culture Trip have listed our book, The Hermit of Hisarya, amongst ancient and modern classics as a must read book 🙂


Dispatching parcels to the British Library, the Bodleian Library Oxford University, the Cambridge University Library, the National Library of Scotland, the National Library of Wales and Trinity College Dublin. Library fact: one of the first plans for a national library was devised by the Welsh mathematician John Dee, who in 1556 presented Queen Mary with the visionary idea of preserving old books, manuscripts and records. Unfortunately, Mary did not share John Dee’s vision and it took until 1753 when the first true national library was founded as part of the British Museum.

Our books are set in Wales and many feature Porthcawl. However, they are read internationally. Indeed, this weekend the Spanish version of our novel, Sam’s Song, is #3 on the Amazon Mexico chart. Goylake Publishing, the local publisher with international reach.


Stream Two

Goylake Publishing is named after a stream. Our enterprise is built around sales, business and author partnership streams. Therefore, our blog posts are numbered streams 🙂 We hope you enjoy them.


We are delighted that OverDrive are adding our books to their website. OverDrive powers the eBook procurement and checkout systems for 20,000 public libraries around the world, including 90% of US public libraries. It is a great honour that OverDrive considers our books worthy of inclusion on their website.


We are allocating ISBNs to future titles today, including Boston, Sam Smith Mystery Series book fourteen. Our first batch of ISBNs lasted a few years, but since Hannah Howe joined us we have been racing through them. Including paperbacks, eBooks, audio books and translations we have published fifty-two books. You can check out some of Hannah’s books here


A strategy meeting today. On the agenda…future publication dates for our novels, the development of our website, ongoing audiobook narrations, translations into a number of languages, promotions, developing business partnerships and the possibility of negotiating the film and television rights for our books.


The weekend, an ideal time for reading, and we think we’ve found the ideal book. Snakebite by newcomer Heather Ramsay is an excellent thriller. What places this book in a class above most thrillers is the depth afforded to the characters, the lyrical writing style and the emotional insight provided by the author. A first-class read. Highly recommended.

We are fortunate to be based on the Glamorgan coast with its array of wonderful beaches, from the historically and geologically significant to large stretches of golden sand. Whenever we feel in need of inspiration we just look out of the window. This video offers a glimpse of our coastline. Please take a moment to sit back, relax and feel inspired.



Stream One

Goylake Publishing is named after a stream. Our enterprise is built around sales, business and author partnership streams. Therefore, our blog posts are numbered streams 🙂 We hope you enjoy them.


Business mastermind Daniela Jones established Goylake Publishing in 2010 to publish local history books and websites. Daniela has a university degree and a long experience of creating small businesses, founding her first company shortly after leaving university. Daniela still owns Goylake Publishing and oversees its business activities. In her spare time, Daniela competes in triathlons and this year she will participate in Ironman Wales.


We love music at Goylake Publishing. Indeed, our author Hannah Howe loves music so much she teamed up with children’s author Denise McCabe to form a virtual group, The Screetchers. The Screetchers promise to ‘sing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order’ (!) Okay, we’ll admit, these authors can’t sing, but they can write. Check out their books for proof of that statement.

Over the past eight years Goylake Publishing has had the pleasure of working with many creative people. One of our creative collaborations involved Downwood Film Productions who made this promotional film for A History of Kenfig. A History of Kenfig sold over 1,000 copies on publication and is still a popular title, especially at gift times. Downwood make excellent local history films and we urge you to explore their titles.

To date, Goylake Publishing has published ten audio books with more to follow. This isn’t one of ours, but we played a minor part in the book’s development and are looking forward to listening to it.


When Daniela Jones established Goylake Publishing in 2010 her initial aim was to sell 100 books in the first six months. Eight years and over 100,000 downloads later…

Through the power of the Internet, Goylake Publishing’s books have reached the number one position on Amazon’s charts in America and Australia, the top five in Brazil, Japan and Canada, the top ten in Britain, and the top twenty in France and the Netherlands.

Goylake Publishing, the local publisher with international reach.