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~ The Local Publisher with International Reach ~

Welcome to our website. Daniela Jones established Goylake Publishing in 2010 to publish local history titles. Since then our books, over fifty in number, have reached the number one position on the Amazon America and Australia charts, the top five in Brazil, Canada and Japan, and the top twenty in Britain, France and the Netherlands. Our fifty titles include paperbacks, eBooks, audio books and translations. You will find details of our books on this website, along with our weekly blog, information about our business partners and much more.

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Despite our success, Goylake Publishing remains a family business. Although we are committed to supporting independent authors and independent publishing we are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts at the moment. That said, we are willing to offer advice and, if possible, assist in your book promotions. Please visit the A Reader Recommends website to view our commitment to independent authors.

Please note, this website is under construction. Full details soon.

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